Nadia Harris

Nadia Harris, LLM, MBA – Founder of, international remote and hybrid work expert, keynote speaker, university lecturer and author of numerous flexible working publications, including her own book called “How to tackle hybrid working”.

Leader in remote and hybrid work according to the TOP 15 Remote Work Advocates ranking prepared by All American Speakers, the British Onalytica report “Who’s who in remote working” and global “Remote Innovator of 2022” according to Remote. During her professional career, she has worked with numerous international companies – both start ups and structured corporations such as Roche, MAN Trucks, DELL, WoltersKluwer, Toptal, Amazon, Raiffeissen Bank, ArchDaily, Prezi, WorkMotion, Employment Hero, Traffit, SafetyWing, DataTruth, Airbus, Uniqa, Talkin’Things, Bookboon, RadSwan, Remote-How and many others. Nadia has successfully implemented frameworks to ensure the scalability of flexible working models. She prides herself on having improved performance, scalability and teamwork in organizations that have shifted from office-first to hybrid and remote work models. Having lived and worked in different countries, and being a third-culture child, has made her deep dive into the possibilities of distributed work and collaborate with clients in the USA, Europe, Asia and Africa. Fluent in English, German, Polish and French. Nadia holds a legal degree and an MBA in Intercultural Managerial Communication.

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Case studies

01 Global workation policy design An international IT company was interested to introduce a short-term working abroad policy for their employees. Nadia has performed a detailed employer risk analysis within tax regulations, social security and local labor laws to design a custom-made solution for each HQ. The policy has been effectively implemented in several counties (Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Argentina, Namibia, Spain and UK). Employes could start working from anywhere for 2 months per year. 02 Remote employment
and contractor agreements
A European art & design agency was hiring remote workers all around the world. However, they have faced employment misclassification issues as they only hired contractors with employment-related provisions in their contracts. Nadia has audited all legal documentation and suggested Employer of Record solutions for certain team members and negotiated all terms and conditions. She has also prepared new contract drafts and operational guidelines. The company’s compliance risks have significantly decreased.
03 Remote recruitment campaign A US-based marketing and sales company was looking to hire remote workers from all around the world. Nadia has created a fully automated recruitment marketing campaign to target digital nomads and remote workers. She has also performed salary and benefit benchmarking in order to present an attractive hiring offer to each candidate. This has increased the client’s brand recognition, while saving a lot of money and time. 04 Hybrid work playbook A renowned international bank has decided to implement a hybrid work policy. Nadia has designed a complete hybrid work playbook to ensure a great employee experience. She has included aspects such as company culture, the toolkit, asynchronous working and including the company’s HQ for collaboration purposes.

Slide TESTIMONIAL Nadia's knowledge, expertise, and brand are integral to any company looking to implement any kind of new working practices, regardless of how far down the line you are. Whether you're a company just starting down your hybrid working journey after COVID, or an all-remote company, she has a lot to bring to the table that can/will help you. Slide TESTIMONIAL Watching Nadia speak on stage left me with a long-lasting impression as her energy and expertise came through her words and made a powerful impact on organizations that are ready to embrace the future of the workplace and create an innovative culture. Slide TESTIMONIAL Nadia's presentation skills and knowledge on her subject matter is expert level. She is engaging, thought-provoking, and entertaining. She presented to my Mastermind about onboarding and really helped many to uplevel the way they look at bringing in new employees to their company. Thanks Nadia! Slide TESTIMONIAL I admire Nadia for her passion and drive. Besides being a valuable expert in remote team building and culture, she is also an inspiration on a personal level. She stands for what she believes in, always willing to go the extra mile to make others part of that mission. Slide TESTIMONIAL 50 stars out of 5 for Nadia. Super, amazing, helpful, insightful is this woman. We were talking about new potential ideas to expand our portfolio and Nadia's insights about remote team's and remote culture were super valuable for us. She knows her stuff. Thank you! Slide TESTIMONIAL What I enjoyed the most is how Nadia was able to customize the suggestions based on both the company's HR and growth goals. I'm excited that when we finish implementing her suggestions, we'll be preventing a lot of legal troubles or unexpected costs as the company continues to grow. Anyone who has a remote workplace should be speaking with Nadia. Thank you!!!


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