Nadia Harris

I am the founder of, the go-to place for companies embracing remote work and individuals willing to work flexibly. Within the past few years, I’ve been fortunate to work with various international clients, hired hundreds of people and built global relationships helping to connect in the era of smart working.

I hold an MBA, MSc in Professional Communication, an LLM as well as an MA in international law. Fluent in English, German, Polish and French.

During my professional career, I have worked with numerous international companies – both start ups and structured corporations that have allowed me to gain valuable and intercultural experience. Therefore, my areas of expertise include HR Operations, Growth, Worldwide Talent Attraction Strategies as well as designing HR Processes and Procedures. Having lived and worked in different countries, and being a third-culture child, has made me deep dive into the possibilities of distributed work and collaborate with clients in the USA, Europe, Asia and Africa.

I pride myself on having designed both remote and hybrid work infrastructures that allow companies to effectively manage their teams by using appropriate software, processes, communication flows and legal frameworks. I have also effectively assessed the remote-readiness of companies and candidates thanks to my “Remote-Ready Audit” which has proven itself extremely useful to create custom-made solutions to succeed in the digital work era.

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Case studies

01 Remote-Ready Audit An international IT company has been assessed in order to determine their remote-readiness. The company was willing to hire over 100 new team members and it was not clear whether all employees would need to join the physical office or work in a hybrid model. After the audit, the company found out that their remote-readiness level was sufficient to scale internationally, having employees onsite as well as remotely. A scalable hybrid work model has been implemented, allowing the company to increase their competitive advantage on the market. They now can hire employees in different talent pools which ensures access to the most sought-after hard skills and scale up in a cost-effective manner without the necessity to open physical offices in other locations. 02 Remote infrastructure
A British e-commerce company in the health and beauty industry was expanding in France and the USA, and therefore needed to hire new team members locally. The company was lacking processes and procedures that would be connected with a transparent and automated remote tools infrastructure. Having evaluated the company’s needs, various software was implemented and connected so that the whole team could possess a general database, project management programs and communication tools. The infrastructure was based on Notion, Asana, Slack, Loom, Fellow and Zoom, ensuring automation and transparency.
03 Behavioral culture-fit
recruitment framework
An American IT company with a distributed team, working from the United States and Europe was in need of hiring team leaders, able to manage multicultural teams according to the company’s mission and vision. There was no culture-fit assessment present in the recruitment process and no measurable scale. After several sessions with the hiring team, an entire recruitment process has been designed. Consequently, it is now possible to assess the candidates’ culture fit with behavioral questions tailored to the company’s values as well as the mission and vision statement.
04 Remote talent
acquisition strategy
An American e-commerce company with a remote-first approach experienced enormous candidate interest when opening new vacancies. Additionally, local recruitment agencies were sourcing potential talent. The majority of applicants were random, not qualified for the roles and with various financial expectations. That’s why a strategy was needed in order to assess the market salaries for particular positions, including an evaluation of global talent pools, sources to publish job offers and paid advertising campaigns. Thanks to creating a remote talent acquisition strategy, the company was able to target potential candidates without external support. The process has become efficient and automated, ensuring cost-effective and quick results.
05 Remote leadership workshop A European company from the banking sector has decided to implement a permanent hybrid work environment, based on their positive work from home experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic. It was necessary to change the feedback, delegation and employee motivation schemes to become more agile. Therefore, after having attended several interactive workshops, they have switched from traditional management methods to digital leadership, motivating and coaching their team members based on the OKR methodology.

TESTIMONIAL “Nadia is a really insightful coach. She doesn't pull anything out of the air – everything is based on her experience working with dozens of amazing remote organizations. And she really listens and is flexible – I voiced a hesitation to a proposed solution, so we worked around that.” TESTIMONIAL “I had a great privilege to be a speaker at one of the conferences that Nadia organised last year related to remote work and cultural fit, such a valid topic in the past number of months. Nadia is hugely passionate about remote work and very knowledgeable on that topic. She definitely gave me lots of insights, guidance and best practices how to approach remote work. It was a pleasure and real honour to be a guest speaker, hopefully our paths will cross again in the future.” TESTIMONIAL “I and our recruitment team had the privilege to work with Nadia on defining expectations and establishing a recruitment process for critical management roles we were looking to hire. She was very effective, brought a ton of knowledge and market understanding to the table and ultimately contributed tremendously to the actual hiring framework we are using to recruit managers to this day. I am certain Nadia will bring value anywhere she is needed.” TESTIMONIAL “During our cooperation with Nadia, she smartly navigated us in the recruitment process and was always passionate about making the best hire. What I really like about Nadia, she is always there to help and she is good at maintaining a relationship with people she knows. Our cooperation went beyond professional communication, it is more of a friendship. She is a very ambitious and passionate person.” TESTIMONIAL “Nadia is a very professional and multi-tasking leader. She’s got a great sense of understanding and people skills. I strongly recommend her to every goal-focused and ambitious project!” TESTIMONIAL “I admire Nadia for her passion and drive. Besides being a valuable expert in remote team building and culture, she is also an inspiration on a personal level. She stands for what she believes in, always willing to go the extra mile to make others part of that mission. I am looking forward to seeing what Nadia is going to build and how she will have a positive impact on the remote industry because I am sure she will!”


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