Download your free
remote work audit guide

Download your free remote work audit guide

Are you wondering if your company is ready for a flexible working environment? Remote work is a business model. Tackle it strategically and immediately focus on priorities. Make sure that it truly becomes a win-win solution for both your business and employees.

Download your free audit now

Don’t wait and assess the remote-readiness of your business and tackle flexible work implementation proactively. My guide allows you to focus on key aspects of your company and design your own remote work strategy if you haven’t done so yet. Consequently, you will immediately find out which areas are doing great and build your competitive advantage. Tackle problematic aspects proactively and eliminate operational risks immediately. Make sure that you truly understand your people’s needs. Finally, create your own path to flexible work success wisely!

By downloading the free remote
work audit guide you will:

  • Get to know your company’s remote-readiness from all angles,
  • Assess your HR processes and procedures towards remote-readiness,
  • Find out which communication frameworks and tools need improvement,
  • Deep dive into legal compliance towards a remote work model,
  • Take a look at IT security to proactively eliminate data leakage,
  • Evaluate if your team is fully prepared for a flexible work model.
Download your free audit now

Does it apply to you?

Right now you may still be thinking that everything works just fine in your company or team. So, at this stage I would like to ask you the following questions:

  • How do you know that you’ve mastered remote work?
  • Have you measured results and compared them against in-office work?
  • Is your team fully prepared to work remotely?
  • Have you obtained a benchmark from other successful remote companies?

Well, if you’ve answered yes to all these questions then I’d like to congratulate you as your team belongs to a substantial minority! However, if you are at the crossroads at the moment and you know that there’s in fact no way back from flexible, hybrid or smart work…  you immediately need to prepare an action plan by mapping the entire remote work implementation process.

Now, I’d love to invite you to download my free remote-ready audit sample. That’s how your challenge becomes much simpler. Consequently, you’ll be able to draft your own plan which will then lead you to remote work success!

About me

My name is Nadia Harris and I am the founder of
the go-to place for companies embracing remote
work and inividuals willing to thrive in the remote world.

I’ve been featured as a Key Opinion Leader in Onalytica’s newest “Who’s who in remote working?” report and listed as one of the Top 15 global remote work advocates based on the All American Speakers ranking. Within the past few years, I’ve been fortunate to work with various international clients, hired hundreds of people and built global relationships helping to connect in the era of smart working. Furthermore, I’ve successfully cooperated with global companies such as Prezi, Amazon, Cisco, Insider, FLYR, RadSwan, Planet of the Vapes, Wise… and many more! I also pride myself on having designed both remote and hybrid work infrastructures that allow companies to effectively manage their teams by using appropriate software, processes and communication flows. Finally, I have effectively assessed the remote-readiness of companies and candidates thanks to my “Remote-Ready Audit” which has proven itself extremely useful and consequently created custom-made solutions to succeed in the digital work era.

Download your free audit now