Does building a united remote team give you sleepless nights?

2020 has become the year of remote work and the majority of companies rushed into it for the first time. As much as it was initially treated as a necessity and not a choice, it has made the whole world realize that in the long run, remote work will bring many benefits to both employees and companies. However, this doesn’t just happen overnight, and we need to be ready to invest our time and resources in order to create a scalable, outstanding working experience within our teams… And I can tell you right away that it won’t be easy but when you finally get there – it definitely will be worth it!

Anyway, let’s get into some details concerning the major drawbacks of remote work that employees and employers have been facing within the past few months all around the world. In other words, let’s dig into what has annoyed us the most within the past few months.

Lower visibility

Working from home where we don’t see our coworkers usually makes us feel disconnected from the working environment. As much as we know that we are still part of the team, it’s hard for us to imagine that we are working next to each other and managers tend to lose control, so the team keeps working longer hours in order to prove their performance. This is clearly a vicious circle.

2. Isolation

As much as I’ve written a separate article about it, the topic definitely needs to be discussed broader since enjoying coffee breaks, chatting, laughing and generally appreciating the usual office buzz isn’t the case if we work remotely. But despite the fact that remote workers are physically away from their colleagues and confined to their houses and flats, there are many possibilities to tackle this matter such as coworking spaces or Gable.

Tackling isolation by just sending kudos cards or gifts is definitely not the way to go…

3. No work-life balance

Do we ever think about wellness when we work remotely? I’m sure that the most advanced remote workers would happily respond with a “yes” but what about all those fresh remoters who are still adapting to working from home efficiently? Has anybody been thinking about their wellbeing and creating healthy routines? It’s not just about fostering increased productivity but scalable and healthy working habits that save our team members from inevitable burnout.

4. Remote fatigue

Do you sometimes feel like your laptop is a big, black hole? The moment you sit down, it pulls you in and you just keep opening different apps in order to stay connected with your team… And don’t forget exhausting online calls which are often lacking agendas and timeframes (in case you’re still trying to master remote meetings, make sure to watch my YouTube video about it). All these factors may make us feel really tired and it seems like working remotely requires us to be more and more tech savvy while forgetting the human touch.


If we sum all this up, we can define these drawbacks with one, simple conclusion – lack of team bonding and lack of human touch. The good news, however, is that it doesn’t have to be this way… which I now want to prove you by deep diving into the future. I always say that we go as far as our imagination and that’s one of the reasons why I’ve been waiting for a virtual solution to finally appear and erase all doubt around remote work… And then I came across Yonderdesk which totally amazed me.

The partnership between and Yonderdesk

Yonderdesk is a virtual office that connects all teams, colleagues, tools and rooms in one online platform. Does it sound a bit too futuristic? Come on… start thinking out of the box and make sure to watch the video below.

As I’ve been working with remote-first and hybrid companies from all around the world, I give myself the right to tell you that Yonderdesk is a big step ahead, allowing teams to feel connected, united and accessible. And this something that many remote companies need, allowing to have personalized offices, nicely designed meeting, training and social rooms as well as instant contact with people without the necessity of having to click on different applications or links over and over again. It seems like this tool will not only play a great role in making the remote, digital environment more human friendly, but it may also enhance company culture, allowing team members to imagine that they are all truly sitting in the very same office. That’s the reason why I am super excited to announce the amazing partnership between myself and Yonderdesk on the journey to make remote work a natural and wonderful experience for everybody.

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