Working remotely can feel strange if you’re new to it. For years, you worked alongside others. Now you’re at home all day in front of your computer chatting to colleagues over the internet (if at all!)

But while this experience can be a boon for some of us, it introduces new challenges. Working solitarily isn’t a typical experience, at least not in recent history. So what can you do to turn remote work pain (and all the stress it brings) into unadulterated pleasure? Here are some ideas. 

Make Your Workspace More Hygge

Start by transforming your workspace into something that feels cozier and warmer. Don’t try to recreate the dull, gray cubicle that awaited you in your former office. Find styles, designs, and materials that make work more enjoyable. For example, why not put down a thick wool rug in your office and add some fairy lights to the walls? You could also try adding scented sandalwood to the room or investing in an ergonomic work chair. 

Stay Connected

Another great way to turn remote work from pain to pleasure is to stay connected with colleagues at the office. Even if you aren’t with them in person, having people you can talk to during the day can be enormously beneficial for your well-being. Chatting over apps or email makes working life feel more normal and allows social relationships to flourish. 

Get Someone Else To Answer Your Calls

You can also turn remote work from pain into pleasure by getting someone else to take your calls. If you’re super busy during the day, the last thing you want is customers and colleagues continually calling you and interrupting your flow. You need to be able to concentrate on the task in front of you. 

For this reason, some remote workers use a virtual assistant. This person takes and curates calls, forwarding them if urgent, or taking down contact details for you to call back later. 

This approach works for many remote employees because it lets them get into the flow state. Workers can give 100 percent of their attention to the task at hand instead of continually flipping between tasks. 


Make Self-Care Part Of Your Routine

Making self-care part of your routine is another way you can transform remote work from pain to pleasure. Carving out time in your schedule to look after yourself is one of the most powerful strategies available to you. 

But what does it mean in practice? That’s up to you. For most people, self-care means taking time to prepare healthy meals and getting exercise. However, it could also involve taking time out during the day to de-stress if work allows or soaking in a nice hot bath. Practicing self-care makes you more resilient and better able to deal with the challenges work throws your way. If you can take care of yourself, you will naturally feel more robust. 

Set Goals

Another way to transform your enjoyment of remote work is to set goals. Crafting objectives are often more essential when you work from home compared to the office because nobody else is there to celebrate your achievements. Sure, your head office will probably give you targets, but they don’t feel the same when you are out of the workplace. 

If you set goals, ensure they are measurable and achievable. Also, try to tie them into your broader career strategy. Achieving them should set you on the path to greater success in the future. 

Balance Your Work And Life

You also want to balance work and life to ensure remote work doesn’t become too painful. At the office, there is a clear boundary between work and play, but that’s not the case when you work from home. Your day doesn’t have natural bookends. 

That’s where balancing your work and life comes into the picture. The best way to do this is to have a separate area where you work in your home, and set working hours. This creates a physical distinction between company time and home life. 

Try to avoid answering emails late at night or getting up early in the morning to get the jump on the day. Instead, treat it like normal working hours. Go for a cycle in the morning if you want to replace the feeling of the commute before you start working. 

Explore Opportunities

Lastly, you’ll want to explore opportunities when working remotely. While loyalty feels good, it doesn’t always pay well. 

Fortunately, plenty of opportunities for remote work exist. Find those that align with your skills and interests and look for ways to increase your pay. 

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