Remote-ready assessment

Design your best remote work model by assessing your current stage first. You must know exactly where you are and where you’re going, in order to prepare your own path. You need to tackle it strategically by performing a Remote-Ready Audit that is based on 4 complex pillars – company culture and communication, processes and procedures, the toolkit as well as IT & legal matters.

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Remote infrastructure

Working remotely by just downloading video conferencing tools is a major understatement! You probably need appropriate project management, communication and scheduling tools that make your remote work model as straightforward and automated as possible. Gone are the days when you had to manually log into different programs and send hundreds of messages to coworkers.

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Remote workshops

Get to know the best practices on conducting remote meetings, fostering motivation and engagement in your company, managing time and monitoring progress within your remote team. Learn to embrace remote leadership so that distributed work becomes effective and hassle-free by eliminating common challenges of remote workers such as loneliness and burnout.

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Remote talent attraction

Tired of posting job offers on random career websites, engaging different recruitment agencies and using outdated recruitment questions? We know this can be pricey, time consuming and it doesn’t guarantee success. Design a custom-made recruitment strategy by defining talent pools as well as a transparent recruitment process, aimed at hiring candidates who possess the right skillset and match your company’s culture.

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