Online learning

Join my online courses and ebooks for individuals and companies. Learn about finding your remote dream job, designing intercultural communication and designing remote company culture. Work at your own pace and benefit from everything that I’ve been doing for many years.

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Remote work law

Implement remote work policies in your company. Benefit from my remote work contract frameworks for employees and contractors worldwide. Decrease employment misclassification risks thanks to my contract and performance guidance. Introduce workation and work from anywhere policies so that your team can benefit from full flexibility.

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Playbook and process design

Are you looking for a custom-made solution for your company? Let’s get in touch and see how I can help you introduce flexible working. You must know that remote and hybrid work implementation requires a strategy and a process to ensure a great employee experience.

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Remote recruitment strategies

Are you looking for remote workers but you’re unsure where to start? Use my recruitment automation tips by choosing the best job boards, measure your ROI and reach digital nomad communities. I will also help you design a transparent salary approach to make sure it’s both attractive for the candidates and sensible from a business perspective.

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